Life Trockenrasen: Project aims

Project aims

Due to the lack of agricultural use such as grazing sheep or swath, dry grasslands belong in these parts to the most endangered habitats. Brandenburg has special responsibility for these areas in the European network of protected areas of Natura 2000. With its EU LIFE project the NaturSchutzFonds supports the federal state in the development, preservation, and restoration of dry habitats in Natura 2000 regions.


  • to restore areas of grasslands in 29 Natura 2000 regions and improve their condition,
  • to restore the only occurrence of Jurinea cyanoides in one Natura 2000 region in Brandenburg and improve its condition,
  • to restore and stabilize the population of valuable plant species at  isolated  sites,
  • to establish the prerequisites for medium-term stable systems of land use,
  • to reduce the disturbance through touristic use of Natura 2000 regions,
  • to give the public access to the experiences with and results of the restoration of dry habitats.

Das Projekt LIFE Trockenrasen

Die Stiftung NaturSchutzFonds Brandenburg realisiert gemeinsam mit dem Botanischen Garten der Universität Potsdam und der NABU-Stiftung Nationales Naturerbe von 2019 bis 2026 das Projekt "LIFE Trockenrasen". Mit dem Projekt werden wertvolle Trockenlebensräume im Land Brandenburg geschützt, erhalten und wiederhergestellt.

Janine Ruffer (Projektleitung)
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